Harassment, Abuse and Criminal Offences

There are rare occasions where the conduct of a teacher may constitute harassment, abuse or a criminal offence. In these cases, everyone has a statutory duty to report the information to the proper authorities.

The response to allegations of harassment or abuse of any person by any person in a school may be found in school board or conseil scolaire policy. Allegations involving harassment or abuse should be made to school authorities unless they are believed to be criminal in nature in which case they should be made directly to police. Board authorities may also determine that reporting to police is appropriate when they learn of the situation.

Conduct that warrants reporting to police may include allegations of sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching, sexual exploitation, production and/or distribution of materials depicting the sexual victimization and exploitation of children, corrupting or luring of a child, sexual assault or kidnapping.

Criminal allegations and convictions for any of the above offences automatically initiate suspension and/or dismissal from employment processes by the school board or conseil scolaire, and a professional complaint process by the Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board.