Standards of Practice

The Standards of Practice apply to members of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation.* The standards include the following core principles of competent teaching practice, each of which teachers may demonstrate in various ways.
  1. To create and maintain a learning environment that encourages and supports the growth of the whole student.
  2. To demonstrate a professional level of knowledge about the curriculum and the skills and judgment required to apply this knowledge effectively.
  3. To demonstrate and support a repertoire of instructional strategies and methods that are applied in teaching activities.
  4. To carry out professional responsibilities for student assessment and evaluation.
  5. To reflect upon the goals and experience of professional practice, and adapt one’s teaching accordingly.
  6. To work with colleagues in mutually supportive ways and develop effective professional relationships with members of the educational community.
  7. To conduct all professional relationships in ways that are consistent with principles of equity, fairness and respect for others.
This code, as set by Council, guides:
  • The teaching practices of Federation members.
  • The Federation Executive in decision-making regarding the disposition of complaints.
  • The deliberations and judgments of the Federation Professional Competency Committee.
* It should be noted that throughout the Federation’s documentation related to the Standards of Practice, the terms “member” and “teacher” include all teachers, principals, assistant principals, vice-principals, consultants and other individuals who are members of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation as defined in sections 17(1) and 17(2)(d) of The Teachers’ Federation Act, 2006.